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Summer of Love

Summer of Love
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This was a summer of love. For myself.

My kids will not remember my jiggly thighs. They will remember us splashing in the pool, eating messy popsicles and taking long power walks in the stroller each morning.

My friends will not remember my beach body or cellulite. They will remember us laughing, drinking and connecting on the water, on patios and in my new backyard.

My husband will not remember the few extra pounds I put on. He will remember me at ease and smiling while eating steak and bread pudding on our trip to Aspen.

I won't remember coming out of the summer feeling a wee bit squishy. I'll remember the summer that I let myself live without restrictions around food and exercise. The first summer in my entire life that I let go of the past to show up for the present. The best summer ever!

This was the summer that I wrote my beauty commandments. And then I lived them. And soon I will teach them. More to come on that!


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