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A Final Nod to Summer

A Final Nod to Summer
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I might lose some friends over this but to my local grocery store, TOO SOON! I mean it’s still 95 degrees in Colorado. I’m just not ready for your candy corn and pumpkin-themed displays. So until I feel a crispness in the air I’m holding onto Palisade peaches and longer days.

I don’t know that I’ve ever taken the time to reflect on a season and give it a proper nod before I head into the next one but this summer was so big it deserves to be honored. I feel like it was about bold moves (literally) to usher in transformation in this season ahead. So before I dive into PSL and sweaters allow me to take a moment to honor a BOLD summer season!


We said goodbye to our home of 8 years. Fairplay Ct was the house that made me an adult.  I bought it 8 years ago and together we made it home. Through dating, a wedding, infertility, then new parents, businesses and beyond. We were able to live out a dream by turning this home into a rental property as an investment in our future. It was a bittersweet but proud moment on moving day but we are really in love with our new neighborhood and home!




My parenting style can be summed up like this. I don't know what I’m doing but if we keep a real tight schedule then it feels like I do. The Hays said EFFF IT to naps and healthy lunches and we hit up our first fair!


Besides the part about it being the longest day ever in parenthood, it was totally fun. The best part of parenting is reliving life through your kids. To see the joy from a Dumbo ride or happiness when cotton candy hits their tongue for the first time is pure magic.


One thing though. How many more things can we serve deep-fried people?!
My kids are teaching me so many lessons and they are reminding me that I am the curator of their memories too. No pressure but all the pressure ammiright?! We made memories this summer and that was probably the most important thing that I did!


I’m not sure if current day people even really get what She She was 11 years ago. I wanted a nail + waxing place that was fun, affordable and personable. After years of working in day spas, I wanted to open a UNspa. Not a quickie nail shop + not a cucumber water Yanni thing.

This pampering dream of mine didn’t explode overnight but over 11 years it grew into a 7 figure salon that polished more than 1 million fingers and toes. A proud moment this summer was passing that business, in our best year ever, to a gal that is going to take it next level.

Selling She She was the exclamation point to all the grit, grace + imperfection that went into my 11 years with that business. I’ve been able to reflect fondly on how that business grew me and prepared me for my next moves. So to everyone wondering how I’m feeling in my She She retirement…. Light, bright and feeling AHHHH-right!


This full-circle moment in business was a nod to anyone out there with a dream.  If this college drop out can do it so can you.  Dream it.  Work hard. Don't let anyone else write your story for you!


This was the summer of love. For myself.

The first summer of my adult life that I was diet free. I moved my body out of celebration, I ate without restrictions and I embraced + loved my body in its current state. I wore the shorts and let my thick thighs see light. I owned my spot at the pool in Aspen and let my cheeks hang out.

This summer of embracing the lumps, bumps, dimples, and ripples was empowering. I won’t remember the extra pounds I put on but I will remember nights on a patio, barbeques and birthday parties where I gave myself a hall pass to connect instead of restricting. I can’t live any other way now!


I hit the water with friends to celebrate business and women supporting women.
Sounds simple but for many years business was all I had. I used this summer to step out of my comfort zone to make new friends and have new experiences. I faced my fear of snakes and exposing my body and went for it at SUP at Horsetooth. What a fun day on the water!!!

I’d love to know if you’ve taken time to honor this season of life? What words sum up your time in this season? Are there things you would like to do differently? Are there things you are celebrating? Drop me a note below!


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