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Dame + Heart grew out of a defining moment in 2017 when I realized I could do more to support other women. 


Hi I'm Susan!  As a 20-year veteran in the beauty industry, I’ve enjoyed making personal connections and sharing stories in my salon, but there was one painful theme I could no longer ignore.


As women, we apologize too much for our imperfections. 


We seem to be trying to keep up with an unrealistic beauty standard set by our culture and modeled since our early days of reading Teen and Seventeen magazines. I’ve sat across from many strong, beautiful women as they apologized for the flaws that make them human and relatable and full of loving empathy, and I’ve watched them mirror my own insecurities and self-doubts.


From the outside, people may think I’m strong and outgoing, but on the inside, a little voice periodically tells me I’m not enough. That inner critic has often told me I’m not pretty enough to be the “face” of my salon, and my mom body isn’t skinny enough to buy and wear the season’s latest trends. After years of this bullying trash talk, I finally put my foot down and told my inner voice, “Enough already!”


I created Dame + Heart to help silence that inner critic in all of us – the one that often pipes up when we feel vulnerable shopping for clothes and beauty products. Dame + Heart is an inclusive space where any woman can shop online for clean beauty and self-care tools and leave feeling inspired and empowered rather than imperfect and defeated.


Dame + Heart’s motto, BEAUTY FOR EVERY BODY, is meant to encourage all women – regardless of body type, age or lifestyle – to love the skin we’re in. We are each beautiful, worthy and enough.


XO Susan


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