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Beauty Obsessed: Credo Beauty Haul

Beauty Obsessed: Credo Beauty Haul
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Put it in the bag!

My goal this year is to bring more clean and eco-friendly brands to your attention!  Behind the scenes, I’ve been testing (and indulging in )  some fun skincare and fragrance.  Hey, it’s hard work but I’d do anything for you. *wink wink

You know I’ve been a clean skincare junkie for over a decade and I love to educate on the importance but I also know not everyone has time to invest in this.  With clean beauty becoming a growing “trend” we have to be careful of greenwashing emerging from less than transparent brands just trying to jump on a marketing bandwagon.

Enter Credo Beauty.  Much like my beloved Beautycounter, they have taken a clean beauty oath with their Dirty List TM , which ensures that dirty + toxic offenders won’t be in your products.  I’m here for it!  I decided to put a few things in the bag and take advantage of a sweet rewards system that allows you to earn free products by racking up points from your purchases.  The added bonus was 3 free samples with my order.  So here’s what I treated myself to and my HONEST review of each!

BYBI Beauty

I came for Babe Balm but I stayed for the Strawberry Booster Oil!  BYBI (stands for By Beauty Insiders), was started in 2017 by a duo of UK beauty bloggers.  The branding, the products but also the approachable cost had me anxiously awaiting my package. 

The Deet's:  Babe Balm($23) is a multi-purpose balm that leaves a trail of hydration on anything it touches.  It’s hero, Coenzyme Q10 along with hibiscus and calendula (one of my faves), creates a beautiful balm that I give a million stars too.  The Strawberry Booster Oil ($17) promised a light strawberry scent (natural) and they delivered.  Just two drops of this lightweight facial oil left my skin feeling deeply hydrated for an 8 hour night of rest.  In a world where facial oils are expensive, this one isn’t, but feels like a luxury brand. The Blueberry Booster Oil ($17)  is the counterpart to the Strawberry Oil.  I used two drop layered under my daily moisturizer which was a perfect blend.  The best part about this cold-pressed oil is that it blocks against blue light damage which is  a very real concern as we spend more and more time in front of screens and our phones.  BYBI was a pleasant surprise and they do facial boosters very well.  Give em a try ladies AND gents!


RMS Beauty

Honestly, I had a bone to pick with RMS after purchasing a blush compact last year and it broke within a couple of uses.  The problem was in the difficulty of opening the compact but I loved the pigments so I thought I’d give them another try because they truly do release beautiful products. 

The Deet's:  I snagged the Luminizer X Quad palette ($48) which is a 4 pack of high-impact highlighters.  They are very similar to a cream shadow in that once applied they dry leaving a beautiful trail of luminosity.  I tried them on my lids as a simple shadow, on the tip of my nose and cheeks and even swiped across the lip and all applications were EXTRA!  Wear alone or if you are a beauty cocktail junkie like me then blend them together to create a custom glow! 


by Rosie Jane

Perfume was the first thing to go when we were going through a 3 1/2 year infertility battle.  Phthalates, a common toxic ingredient in perfumes, is also a known hormone disrupter and I just don't have time for that so I parted ways with thousands of dollars in designer scents and today my body can't handle the smell of it.  I literally get an immediate headache and sweaty palms when I'm near it.  Naturally, I've been looking for a clean fragrance that wasn't hippy crunchy and I finally found it!  by Rosie Jane offers a Discovery Set ($30) with 5 fragrances so you can try and find the best one for your chemistry.  


Honest Hazel

I love the small things that can feel like such a huge treat and so without a thought I added these Honest Hazel Eye Gel Packs ($12 for a set of 3) to the cart.  Cactus Collagen, Aloe, Vitamin C + E work together to reduce puffiness, diminish fine lines and combat dark circles.  All the things this mama needs.  For an extra cooling treat, pop these packs in the fridge so they are nice and chilled when you're ready to apply!


I'd love to hear what products you're amped to get in your cart!  Do you have questions about anything I'm sharing here?  I'm happy to help so you can always email me at or slide into my DM's on Instagram HERE!

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  • Kandi: January 30, 2020

    I want to know about mascara … that doesn’t raccoon me with steam all day .(I was using blinc tubing ) and I need some foundation !!! Please let me know what you love ❤️

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