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You Got This!

You Got This!
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You’ve got this!! A message I say so often to my mama + entrepreneur friends and clients but sometimes I need to hear it too.

­­­­Since September I’ve been spending much more time with my kids (love them so much) while trying to dream big and launch my new business (so exciting).  I won’t lie some days the big responsibility of mompreneurship comes with BIG moods!  *chants serenity NOW while calling in support.

When this box from Good Day Chocolate finally arrived with three varieties of chocolate with benefits I knew 4 things I’d have to share with you:


We all are doing our best and we all need to hear you’ve got this and good job! If you need that today then here’s a cyber hug with that sentiment attached.  If you’re all good then maybe today is your day to cheer someone else on! #payitforward .


With 3 CBD varieties to choose from I feel fully supported in showing up calm, cool and collected to my days! Calm CBD, Sleep CBD and Original CBD may be the support squad you need too!


It’s like Good Day Chocolate made these chocolate drops just for me! Organic CBD + Fair Trade chocolate= I’m your new super fan!!!


Lucky for you I’ve got a 20% off code that you can use!  Why #bemoody when you can snag your secret stash of chocolate too! Use CBDDAMEANDHEART while shopping that Good Day Chocolate right HERE!



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