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Dame + Heart is the story of us all.  The girl + the heart.


Hi, I'm Susan,  a goal + confidence coach, blogger, speaker,  and YOU DO YOU advocate.  As a beauty industry entrepreneur, my voice is loud and proud on the power to redefine beauty on our terms.  My coaching + storytelling style is heartfelt, honest and aims for connection.  I believe that finding your voice is the gateway to crushing goals. 


My entrepreneur style is rooted in grit, grace and imperfection. I launched my first beauty business at 22 years old and just recently sold my salon.  Through connection + consistency I grew that brand from zero clients to a 7 figure salon, polishing over 1 million fingers + toes in 11 years!


You can find me in Fort Collins, Colorado chasing after my two miracle boys, Rocco + Hudson, with my biggest supporter + husband, Jason.  When I'm not working out or hiking, you will probably find me recording a new skincare or makeup tutorial while sipping an aperol spritz. 


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