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90 Day DAME Manifestation Guide

90 Day DAME Manifestation Guide
90 Day DAME Manifestation Guide
90 Day DAME Manifestation Guide

Designer: Dame + Heart

    The 90-Day Dame Manifestation Guide is the gateway for you to attract, create, and turn any vision into reality.  If your ambition is calling you to deeper connections and bigger + bolder goals then you'll be blow away by what's inside.
    You'll be guided through the DAME method for being a magnetic attractor of all that you desire.  Dedicate just 10 minutes each day to this practice and you will see these pages transform your beliefs + power within.
    Momentum + magic await you!  The 90-Day Dame Manifestation Guide includes:
  • 90-Day Vision Prompts- Gain clarity, shift your identity and design your dream life!
  • Monthly Success Audit & Habit Trackers- Intention and accountability is the secret sauce to your next level of success!
  • Weekly CEO Planner- No more overbooking yourself! Plan + schedule your entire week in just 20 minutes.  
  • Daily Gratitude Journal- Daily gratitude allows us to become an energetic match for the things we wish to receive.
  • Exclusive Guided Audio Meditation- Just scan the QR code for exclusive access to a meditation designed to help you embody your highest self.
  • Supplemental CEO Success Videos- Scan the QR code for access to mini-lessons that will help you deepen your understanding of the DAME method to manifestation.
  • Bonus Pages- Fill your Abundance Jar up, write a check from the Bank of the Universe, and track your Manifestation Checklist.  We've added loads of bonus pages for you to create a new reality and make magic happen!

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