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The DAME + HEART Mission

Our Mission: Make beauty and self-care a positive and healthy experience for every body.


Dame + Heart is a space where any woman can shop online for clean beauty and self-care tools, and leave feeling inspired and empowered rather than imperfect and defeated.  We ARE changing beauty!


How many times do we see fashion or beauty ads that tell us we’re not enough and need to be fixed? It’s time to stop the madness. Perfection is boring. It’s our flaws that make us interesting.


Dame + Heart’s motto, BEAUTY FOR EVERY BODY, encourages all women – regardless of body type, age or lifestyle – to love the skin we’re in. We are each worthy of beauty and self-care, in their many forms, and however we define them.



Flattering, on-trend tees with inspiring messages. These thoughtfully selected pieces will become treasured statement pieces and the fashion backdrop to important life moments, large and small.     Shop Now



Organic, all-natural skin care, and a non-toxic, high-performance line of lip colors, foundations, bronzers, eyeshadows and more. These clean products promote healthy skin, protect the environment, and remind us to prioritize self-care.    Shop Now


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