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Dame + Heart Society

Life – especially as a busy wife, mom, employee, and/or boss babe – can be lonely. And sometimes taxing. Making friends and finding your people is hard. Finding time for real connection can be hard, too. 

Are you missing real connections with other women? Do you find yourself craving friendship, community, or someone to turn to besides your spouse? We all can probably answer yes at some point or another. Who doesn’t need more authentic, real friends who are ready to take it to the next level with us? That’s where the Dame + Heart Society comes in. We’re building an army – both online and in person – of women who are here to build each other up, support one another, and generally kick some major booty together. And we want YOU to join us! 

YOU CAN SIT WITH US! We are an inclusive group of women who believe in the power of women working together. Have you ever felt like an outsider or like you didn’t fit in? Let it go and join us, because we believe that we all belong here and that your voice is just as important as the next gal’s.

GIRL POWER IS OUR SUPERPOWER! We are BABES SUPPORTING BABES on steroids! It can be a lonely world out there navigating the modern world as a woman. Having a squad of sister friends makes all the difference. We believe in community over competition. We believe that our light can shine brighter together. We believe in good old-fashioned girl power. Who runs the world?!

HELLO BEAUTIFUL POWER WOMAN! We are your modern-day cheer squad for living confidently and boldly. We believe in silencing the inner bully that creeps up and tells us we are not enough, because that voice holds us back from our true potential. When we practice self-care and self-love, we amplify our confidence, which is the secret sauce for tapping into your inner POWER WOMAN!

NO GOSSIP GIRL GANG! Negativity is the fastest way to kill any confident woman in the making, so that’s why we say “NO WAY” to gossip. We don’t listen to it, and we don’t talk about our fellow womankind. EVER! If you find yourself in the middle of gossip, then it’s time to start reevaluating your current friend landscape. Just say no to negativity!

BEAUTY IS AN INSIDE JOB! We believe that developing our inner beauty is the most important thing we can do in this modern-day world. Service to others is a transformative act, and we’re here for it! Help a friend, support a local business by referring them, volunteer, donate, pay compliments, or smile at a complete stranger. There are so many ways we can build our inner beauty – and in return, confidence – for free. Give more than you receive, and you will know the joy of an abundant life!

You and me, babe – we are building a real, authentic community of like-minded women who are ready to make big moves and become our best selves – together. Does this sound like the missing piece you’ve been looking for? 

Join us! When you become a Dame + Heart Society member, you will take the first step toward designing the life you’ve dreamed of. In addition to the sense of community, members will enjoy:

  • Monthly live video conferences with Susan Hay and a different topic expert each month, including life coaches, personal trainers, entrepreneurs, stylists, and more!
  • Giveaways galore! 
  • First access to new product launches from a variety of top companies – alright! 
  • Exclusive discount codes for some of my favorite products!
  • A community to bounce ideas off of, to learn from, and to grow with!

Registration for the D+H Society will be released soon.

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