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Hey Friend!

Let me offer you a warm hug and congrats for finding your way to this page!  Clearly you are looking for more out of life and even considering an investment in yourself is a powerful step towards something beyond your dreams!

Hi, I'm Susan and I’ve experienced great success and even greater failure on my 20 year entrepreneurial and self-love  journey.  I've had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows and every single step has lead me here today!  I love sharing what I’ve learned with other women to help them thrive in all aspects of life!

My current private coaching program is great for those who are committed working on confidence, focus and clarity.  Perhaps you have an idea you’re hoping to launch or a goal you want to crush but you need someone to help you map it out and cheer you to execution.  I’m your gal! I'm holding space for 6 women to work privately with me in 2020!  Keep reading for all the juicy details. 

Private coaching sessions are great for :

The gal who’s got a great idea but isn’t sure how to execute it.

The gal who’s set a goal with a timeline but is feeling overwhelmed about how to achieve it.

The gal who hears that inner bully placing seeds of doubt.

The gal who owns her own business and needs tactical tools for leveling up to create better systems and more income.

The gal who works in a client based or sales industry (beauty, health, design) and is hoping to increase your client base, improve client retention and grow your income.

The gal who works for someone else but would love leadership development to further your relationship with your team and advance your career.

Our sessions will be guided by your needs but can include:

Defining your core values, exploring self-awareness and amplifying your authentic voice so you can approach your goals with clarity and purpose!

Defining your WHY!
Creating systems and tools that will help you navigate potential obstacles on your confidence, goals and business journey!

Defining your brand (personal or business) to tell a clear and compelling story to your audience and then working through the different avenues for sharing your story!

Defining clear goals and building a road map to crushing those goals!

Addressing that inner bully and implementing tools that will allow you to thrive in moments of doubt!

If you are ready to level up and commit to growth then let's do this!!!

We will work 1:1 via Zoom to focus on your unique goals.  You can expect real talk as we delve deep into your inner superpower to magnify your purpose + passion.

1:1 Session  $150

We can use single sessions as a way to troubleshoot obstacles or dilemmas.  You pick the topic and we will spend the hour working through it. 

Three  1:1 Sessions  $400

Over three sessions we get the chance to deep dive and make real progress towards a variety of things.

All Access  $600/month

During the month we will work together during three 1:1 sessions.  Included is a private Voxer channel with access to me (during business hours) throughout the month.  This is a great option for the gal who is launching a new business or idea and needs guidance through the process.  This option offers flexibility, accountability and full-time support from me.  Consider me your SUPER FAN!

If you are ready to get focused and tap into your inner badass then apply right now!



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