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 At Dame + Heart, we’re thrilled to offer a safer, high-performance line of indulgent lip colors, foundations, bronzers, eyeshadows and more through BeautycounterTM.


Beautycounter products use only natural ingredients, prohibiting more than 1,500 harmful or questionable chemicals found in most cosmetic brands. When it comes to beauty products, current U.S. federal regulations fail to protect consumers from known toxins, so it’s up to each of us to choose conscientious companies, and clean products, that go above and beyond to keep us safe.


We believe in the Beautycounter mission: to get safer beauty products into the hands of everyone. Clean beauty, safer beauty, BETTER beauty for every body – discover healthy, lasting, on-trend makeup through Beautycounter.

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Learn more about the importance of clean makeup, and why we partner with Beautycounter, HERE.




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