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Best Holiday Nails of 2018

Best Holiday Nails of 2018
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I have a couple of beauty rituals that just make me feel EXTRA!  Of those, one is to have perfectly polished fingers and would you believe me if I told you I freaking L-O-V-E LOVE holiday nails?!  I love doing holiday nails, getting them done, and spying on other manicured fingers during this special time of year.

So it seemed fitting that we put together a holiday wrap-up (haha.  See what I did there?!) of this season’s best holiday manicures.


See the hardest thing about a themed mani is the commitment it takes.  I’m talking walking around with jack-o-lanterns a week after Halloween because you couldn’t get in with your nail gal sooner.  We love Santas, snowflakes, and all other blatantly obvious holiday symbols, but this year we opted for designs that you can wear long after the holiday festivities end.  We toned down the glitter nails of seasons past and opted for creamy, deep tones with fun and minimal details. 


Just A Hint

Our inspiration for this mani was the beautiful glass ornament we all have hanging on our tree.  We decided to tone down the usual glitter bomb. (You know, the one that lingers on your carpet and clothing long after you’ve tucked your tree away.)  This mani has just a smidge of glitter for effect, but we mattified the base color to give it the perfect juxtapositionof shiny and matte.  We used The Gel Bottle in Heartbreaker and Silver Lining.

Nails by Niqie at She She Beauty Lounge.    Foxy Sweater



Power Plaid- You can’t have holiday or winter apparel without plaid, so this one was a no-brainer.  But how do you take plaid and put an updated spin on it?  For this one we decided to keep our plaid minimal which gives flexibility to add any other color to your other nails.  Once again, we decided to mattify CND Oxblood (red) and give a nice shine finish to the plaid accent nails!


Nails by Calli at She She Beauty Lounge. 


Sometimes the colors we pick are louder than the designs we put on them so we wanted to find the perfect green that would give a hint of holiday without sending up green glitter warning flares that the holidays are here!  You feel me?!  OPI Stay Off The Lawn is the perfect emerald green in a crème finish and when you pair it with Gelish Oh What a Night you have a pantone palette dream come true!   We just couldn’t dull the shine of this perfect rose peek-a-boo mani so this ones finished with a high-shine top coat.

Nails by Chloe at She She Beauty Lounge.  Gimme Sweater 



Minimalist Moon Mani

We love a good throwback mani so we knew our holiday lineup needed to include a modern take on the retro Half Moon Mani that was so popular in the 1930’s.  This trendy nail style highlighted the lunula, the white crescent shaped part of the natural nail.   Our modern minimalist version includes a navy blue which dips into holiday colors without going overboard.

Nails by Morgan at She She Beauty Lounge.  Dainty Details Top 


We hope this holiday mani line-up will inspire you to wrap (see I did it again?!) your nails in something a little bit different this season.  Cheers and thank you to She She Beauty Lounge for getting us in the spirit!


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