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BEAUTY OBSESSED: Clean Lipsticks That Will Change Your Life

BEAUTY OBSESSED:  Clean Lipsticks That Will Change Your Life
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I’m just a girl standing in front of the world saying “WEAR THE BOLD LIP IF YOU WANNA CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”⁣💋
Let me explain....⁣
The day I wore my first red lip, 6 years ago, I was still very fearful.  To be seen.  What will they think or say and what if they laugh behind my back. ⁣
I never worried if it was the right shade of red- I just worried what people would think.⁣
The day I did it, I was nervous, maybe even a bit paranoid.... what if people stare.😳⁣
And then something incredible happened.  No one stared and several women stopped me to tell me they loved my lippie and even asked the shade.⁣
We are a world full of walking insecurities so the next time you worry what other people might think just remember they are hyper-focused on their own insecurities.⁣
The bold lippie isn’t really about vanity to me anymore.  It’s a token of the bold beauty inside that wants to be seen instead of hiding in the shadow of another woman.⁣
Some days the fuchsia is a reminder to match my impact + voice to my lip.  Some days it’s just a reminder of where I came from.  Annnd every so often it’s to remind myself that I’m worthy of being seen.⁣
And so are you.💋⁣
Here are just a few of my fave clean yet bold lippies...
I'm loving this  Give Em Lipstick trio from Beautycounter!  They always formulate their products using their Never List which is 1500 ingredients that they've banned due to potential health risks.  
Equally as clean and diverse is this Lip Suede quad by Westman Atelier.  You can apply with your finger for a watercolor effect or use a brush for those defined lines!
My all time fave red is the Fiesta Lip Velvet by Clove + Hallow.  It's easy to apply, last all day long (not kidding), and has a velvety-matte finish (my fave).  It's a must-have for any confident gal in the making!


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