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Beauty Obsessed: Best Hand Hydration

Beauty Obsessed:  Best Hand Hydration
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We are all just trying to stay healthy over here and that means washing our hands no less than 50 times a day for the past week.  The downside is hands start to get parched for hydration and if you're not using the right products you are just wasting your time.  Not to fret, ya girl is here to drop the best clean moisturizers to get you through Covid-19!

Fragrance is lurking in most personal care products and just so you know I DID intentionally use the word lurk.  There are so many things we don't know about the word fragrance as it appears on a label but what we do know is it's not transparent.  I recommend using soaps and lotions that are devoid of fragrance.  This added ingredient can further irritate dry skin making it counterproductive to hydration.

Run to grab yourself the Dame + Heart Rose Quartz Cuticle Elixir!  It's the perfect blend of oils to quench dry cuticles.  You can also apply it to the tops of your hands for extra hydration.  It's great for the nightstand or your purse and each bottle has floating rose quartz to help promote self-love.  WE ALL NEED THAT!

Next up you're going to want to stock up on the Beautycounter Melting Body Balm.  It's naturally scented with monoi which makes you feel like you are sipping Mai Tai's on an island.  I am in fact not on an island but I certainly enjoy the distant daydream that this tube provides.  This is a hearty balm that when applied melts into the skin leaving it moisturized.  A must-have!!!

If you want to support a small business right now then check out this Eczema Salve by Rooted with Ali!  We had been using this on my son's eczema on his legs but I quickly added it into rotation for my hands when I saw how healing and reparative it is.  The founder of this female-owned company is just the sweetest and everything she makes is allergy-friendly, devoid of fillers and sustainability shipped!

Last but definitely not least are a couple of products from the new Mangosteen Collection by Eminence Organics.  Mangosteen is a superfruit full of antioxidants and it smells amazing too!  The Mangosteen Replenishing Hand Cream is a great purse staple as it's easy to carry and apply.  The smell is refreshing and it's got a nice finish.  I've also been using the Mangosteen Body Lotion and just call me a superfan!  It has a lactic acid complex that helps with cellular turnover and gives you THE GLOW!


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