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What's Her Story: Grit and Grace

What's Her Story:  Grit and Grace
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"Damn you are bitter," she said to me.  I was shocked by her words but I wasn't upset.  I was awakened.  In that moment I knew I had become something I didn't want to be and I had to change.  I had hired her to transform my body but it was my mind that needed an overhaul!   This was the moment that my friend Rachel Pastor set the course of my business (and probably life) back on positive track.

There are just some friends and people in life that you realize were put in your path for a reason.  Rachel  is one of those people.  She’s not your YES friend.  She’s the friend that’s going to tell you like it is but you will still feel the love.  She’s the friend that makes you want to level up and she doesn’t even know she’s that person.

I knew of Rachel over 5 years ago when I used to work out at a gym in town that she taught small group fitness.   I remember her but never met her.  Circle around years later and as I was coming off of a few years of depression and a horrific back injury I somehow remembered Rachel.  I reached out to see if she would take me on as a new client and like that a friendship began.

A Friendship 

 Rachel met me during one of the hardest years in my business.  I had experienced deceit and my heart was hurting from the rigors of business ownership.   I look back and wonder if she thought I was a hot mess from the beginning.  Over our workout sessions we began to talk more and more about business.  I was 18 years in and had officially become the jaded and crabby salon owner.  You couldn’t see or feel my passion anymore.   That's when she flat out told me I sounded bitter.  It was like she held a mirror up for me to see who I was becoming and I didn’t like it one bit.  Her brutal honesty changed the course of my business.  I realized I had to change my attitude and mindset immediately.  


Not only did Rachel help me transform my mind but also my postpartum body.  She’s a natural born leader and she’s been a source of encouragement as my salon has continued to grow and have it’s best team and success ever.  She’s supported and cheered me on through my self-love journey which  included training me during my last pregnancy.   She's also been a huge supporter of Dame + Heart and what it stands for.  BEAUTY FOR EVERY BODY.

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Change Or Die

Rachel is the brains and brawn behind the Fort Collins Fitness Festival and she also works with Chris and Heidi Powell on the Transform team and app.  She’s cheering and inspiring others every single day and I know her journey hasn’t been easy.  That’s what makes her so inspiring. 

Fifteen years ago Rachel was living out of her car and living with a five year drug addiction.  She openly says she had a choice to change or die.  And so the uncomfortable transformation began and continues today.  Rachel is such an important friend to me and she’s such solid gold that I sometimes forget where she came from to be where she is today. 

About Self-Love

I had a few questions for Rach about self-love and wanted to share them with you.  She works in the fitness industry which can be vain and riddled with body shaming or comparison and yet I've never heard Rachel focus on the physical attribute of others or herself.  She totally gets that beauty is an inside job which makes her loved by many!


What’s your favorite self-care or self-love ritual?

Rachel:  The way I start my day and end it.  Start- Wake up 15 minutes early to meditate/pray then off for an morning early workout.  End- I take 30-45 minutes every night to write 3-10 things I'm grateful for and read one chapter from whatever book I'm reading that month

What’s one really cool/interesting thing about you that people don’t know by just looking at you?

Rachel:  Not sure about this one? HMMMM  (Hey Rach how about the part about living out of your car and then turning your life around.  I knew you for year before I knew this!  Just saying)

Let’s get “vain” for a moment.  What’s your favorite physical attribute about yourself? 

Rachel:  My eyes and lashes 

Can you tell me one time that you felt really insecure but were able to overcome it?

Rachel:  I have felt insecure most of my life about everything.  Always worried about judgement from others. Then I realized it was only me who was making me feel that way. I am in charge of how I feel and no one else. If I feel unsure about something then that’s on me. 

When do you feel most beautiful?

Rachel:  When I am being authentically me

What’s one thing you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self?

Rachel:  Who gives a fuck what anyone else thinks of you! Live your life. Be You. Be authentic. Love yourself! 

Well how’s that for authentic!   If you don’t follow Rachel on Instagram then you should!  I love her motivation and truth bombs.   Whether she's running the Chicago marathon on a whim or traveling to train hundreds in another state, her adventures are fun to watch.  If you would like to know more about Fort Collins Fitness Festival then go here to get all the details.  It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Do you have a moment to leave a kind word for Rachel?!  Comment below!


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