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A Humble Brag to Say Farewell to 2018

A Humble Brag to Say Farewell to 2018
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2018 is a year I’m proud of.  It wasn’t an easy year by any means.  I rode the waves when I could and I felt the undertow in fierce ways.  Each and every wave brought a new perspective and a new strength. 


So here I am staring down 2019 and for weeks I’ve been uninspired and stale when trying to set goals.  It finally hit me this afternoon in one pivotal moment that I’ve been so focused on being humble that I haven’t properly celebrated and made peace with 2018 so how could I possibly plan for 2019?!  Many times I get stuck on humility in an attempt to avoid bragging and then I miss celebration.  This might be my most vulnerable blog post to date but I hope it inspires you to celebrate yourself before you march into 2019!


This afternoon I received the picture below it brought me to tears.  In this picture I was able to see the woman I have become over this past year.  Let’s call it a journey of self-love that has magnified my purpose as a wife, mother, leader, entrepreneur and woman.  Please allow me to get vulnerable by detaching from humility for a brief moment so that I can proclaim and celebrate who I’ve become.  Here I stand bright, unapologetic, beautiful in my light, honest, kind, passionate, inventive, loving and driven AF.  Good gracious it was scary to step into my voice and start talking about the things that mean something to me but today I can’t imagine living any other way!    In a social media world full of highlight reels I’d like to take a moment to share my most profound moments of 2018.   



She She Beauty Lounge turned 10 years old this year.  WOW!  I make a point of celebrating every year but this year it was extra special.  I’m not even sure that my team and our clients even really know how grateful I am or if I can ever relay what I feel when I read a great review or see a happy client.  This business and the connections I’ve made through it have made me the woman I am today.  I’ve seen the ugly side of beauty (the comparison game, dirty + toxic products) but I’ve also seen the pretty side.  We are blessed to meet incredible people every day and touch lives through the services we provide.   I’ve loved watching this natural nail salon evolve year after year.  I’m proud of the clean beauty mission we hold firm to and the array of pampering and grooming services we’ve grown into.  I am grateful to Northern Colorado for voting us Best Nail Salon and Best Waxing Studio (runner up) for the 5th year in a row!  I’m also grateful and proud of my team that understands that being the best takes constant dedication and work.



Dame + Heart launched in October and I’ve been living the dream ever since.  You know, late nights and early mornings, learning from mistakes, troubleshooting through the pitfalls, hustling to introduce people to what I’m doing AND most importantly feeling the small triumphs that come with building a brand from the ground up!  The logistics have been hard but the mission to show that beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and colors has been incredibly effortless and rewarding.  In 2019 you are going to see this brand continue to develop a voice that speaks out with purpose.  Look for inspiration from women of all walks of life,  tutorials that prove clean beauty and green living can be gorgeous, and pro styling tips that will give you the confidence to wear what you want!  BEAUTY FOR EVERY BODY is going to grow + glow this year!



Over time my experience as a business woman has changed the way I see other women.  This past year when I decided to truly embrace my fellow womankind my life changed.  I decided to stop believing that women are out to hurt each other and instead started to intentionally step into uncomfortable scenarios to meet and make friends.  I used to believe you don’t make new friends as an adult but this last year I made more new friends than I can even quantify.  I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve made and the new ones I’ll make in 2019.  What I learned is that we all crave support, empathy and friendship from each other.  I won’t spend another day guarding myself in fear of being hurt because that mindset keeps me from connection.  I’m excited to connect and collaborate with new friends in 2019!




We welcomed a son in January of this year.  A blessing we never even knew was possible after years of infertility heartbreak.  My heart grew the moment I held this boy and it hasn’t stopped growing since.  I will unapologetically say that God is good and clearly always had a plan for our family.  It was so hard to understand during those empty years that lead us through expensive treatments, to a failed adoption and then a miracle natural conception of our first son.  I have my hands full with my two boys but these little loves of mine remind me to slow down, have fun and not take myself too serious.  To feel and give this unconditional love is the best gift of my lifetime!



This past year challenged my husband and I in the most familiar way.  When we welcomed our first son in 2016 we had a relationship identity crisis.  We were thrilled to be parents but we grieved the loss of each other in the process.  With a birth earlier this year we expected that to emerge again and it did.  Sleepless nights, teething and toddler tantrums took the front seat while WE were put on hold.  Instead of turning away from one another during this year we bear hugged through the hard times and made it through.  In this world it’s easy to pour your energy into your career and children and forget about your partner.  As we both set our goals for 2019 we intentionally set US as a goal.   I wouldn't be where I am today without the love and support from my biggest fan- Jason.  We are learning as we go but I’ll share updates along the way! 



This past year I laid to rest the many negative beliefs that I had been playing in my head for years.  These thoughts had me believing I wasn't pretty enough, smart enough or enough to be the face of my business, wear a swimsuit without a cover up or even be loud and proud about what I believe.  This past year I decided to give conventional beauty standards the finger and start believing that I am a perfect 10 right now in this moment!  One of my greatest accomplishments this year was letting go of self-loathing and upgrading to self-love!  I heard from many of you who were inspired as I shared parts of this journey and that gives me purpose to keep talking about this so that we all can realize our own unique beauty and gifts!  Believe me when I tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH!


We should all be able to say aloud that we are proud of how we have grown and celebrate that with each other.  Have you taken a moment to celebrate your triumphs and make peace with your disappointments?  Sometimes it’s hard facing our past but our future hinges on that act of bravery.  I’d love to celebrate your 2018 success and I’d love to hear what goals and aspirations you have for 2019 so I can cheer you on!  Please share below and let's make this a year to remember!


  • Jaime Carden-O'Brien : January 03, 2019

    What an amazing year you have had! So much growth in your personal and professional lives. I am so looking forward to watching your 2019 unfold! I’m on the sidelines, cheering you in as I know you have been on mine from the first moment I reached out to you! Thank you for being you! Now, go get all you set your sights on and more!

  • Hubby: December 27, 2018

    Susan, you are a super train barreling down the track. The ride and scenery is beautiful and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. I hope in 2019 you can continue with the self love and see in your eyes what I see every day! You’re beautiful, smart, talented, loving, thoughtful, a wonderful mother and a great partner to spend life with!

  • Kris Laine : December 26, 2018

    That picture of you in the Hospital is so amazing. Knowing your story, it makes my heart so full ‘. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Sunny: December 26, 2018

    Your review of 2018 made me smile!
    A journey of self discovery, love and joy……that’s a lot to be proud of.

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